Bush Going Soft On Iraq? Not At All

Bush Going Soft On Iraq? Not At All: I’ve heard a few people speculating that Bush is going soft on Iraq because of his latest comments

“We’ve tried diplomacy,” Mr. Bush said when asked about the issue today. “We’re trying it one more time. I believe the free world, if we make up our mind to, can disarm this man peacefully.”

Look folks, the devil will take up ice skating in hell before the entire “free world” decides to disarm Hussein. Getting the entire “free world” to agree about Iraq would be like herding cats through a rocking chair factory while being chased by a pack of rottweilers. There’s no chance it’s going to happen. More from the President…

“However, if he (Hussein) were to meet all the conditions of the United Nations, the conditions that I’ve described very clearly in terms that everybody can understand, that in itself will signal the regime has changed.

This one is even less likely than the first scenario Bush offered. I’d say that there is a better chance of the devil taking up skating, learning to play hockey, and then leading America to a victory in the 2004 Olympics than of Saddam meeting all of Bush’s demands. It just ISN’T going to happen.

All this soft rhetoric from Bush reminds me of when he kept incessantly repeating that he didn’t have a “war plan on his desk.” Maybe it was in his pocket, on his nightstand, or maybe Laura was holding it for him, but it wasn’t “on his desk”. This sort of wording is primarily designed to give our timid “allies” in Europe a little cover with the peaceniks in their electorates while we gear up for war with Iraq. So don’t let it throw you off…

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