The “Jewish Lobby” Controls America? I Think Not…

The “Jewish Lobby” Controls America? I Think Not…: I read an excellent article by David Frum in the Telegraph today. Early on, Frum says,

“In fact, the certainty that American policy is controlled by what one British magazine called a “kosher conspiracy” was the single most widely held opinion I heard in the course of an eight-day visit to Britain.”

Frum goes on to do a good job of refuting this charge and he tosses out a few statistics worth noting…

“Some experts estimate that up to one third of the money given to Democratic candidates comes from Jewish donors.”

“Few presidential candidates of modern times received less support from Jews than did Bush in November 2000 – about 19 per cent.”

In fact, Jews as a group overwhelmingly vote for Democrats. So if that’s the case and the “Jewish Lobby” is so incredibly powerful, how can it be that..

– The President is a Republican
– The Supreme Court leans to the right 5-4
– The Congress is controlled by Republicans 221 – 211
– The Senate is held by Democrats 50-49 but it took a Republican defector – (Jeffords) to give the Democrats control.
-The GOP leads in Governorships as well 29-19

But if Jews tend to vote for Democrats, how can it be that Israel has such strong support in the Republican party?

Simply put, Conservatives LIKE Israel. They’re a Democracy surrounded by ‘thugocracies’ that want to wipe them off the face of the earth. Yet, they’ve managed not only to survive, but to thrive, which is admirable. Also, they’re one of our most loyal allies. I’d put the Israelis right up there with the Brits and Aussies in that category.

Furthermore, you have to consider how 9/11 plays into things. While the Israelis mourned for America on 9/11, the Palestinians had a celebration in the street. Even more to the point, the Israelis are with us in the ‘war on terrorism’ until the end while the Palestinians are part of the problem.

Last but not least, while I don’t agree with everything the Israelis are doing, I generally think they’re morally in the right. As a matter of fact, Israel’s leaders have been FAR more patient than I would have been in the same situation. Long ago I would have declared negotiations to be a failure, then I would have ordered the Palestinians transferred into Lebanon and/or Jordan, and I would have annexed the ‘Disputed Territories.” That may be cruel, but it beats having your people murdered weekly by Palestinian terrorists who won’t be satisfied with anything less than your nation’s total destruction.

Shared goals, values, and the belief that the Israelis are “right”, not some “kosher conspiracy”, explains why Israel has so much support in the US.

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