In Defense Of Little Green Footballs

In Defense Of Little Green Footballs: The idiotarians over at MSNBC’s Weblog Central have actually smeared Little Green Footballs of all places as a hate site. At first, they simply put LGF up on their, “Best of Blog” list which was fine. LGF IS one of the best blogs on the internet. When I polled 22 bloggers for RWN’s Best Of The Blogosphere article, LGF finished 6th out of the entire blogosphere. Moreover, I actually liked Charles Johnson’s work so much that I’ve interviewed him.

But apparently the spotlight LGF shines on the terrorist sympathizers and Islamo-Fascists out there is a little too bright for some people who wrote in to complain that LGF was a, “hate site”. After reading a few complaint emails about the comments section and the “editorial slant” of LGF, the easily duped moron who runs the MSNBC’s Weblog Central didn’t have enough class to simply remove LGF since he now obviously doesn’t think it’s worthy of inclusion. Instead he chose to leave people with the impression that LGF might be a racism spewing hate site instead. Here are the descriptions of LGF currently up at MSNBC…

“Little Green Footballs: A popular but controversial Warblog focusing on militant Islam and terrorism. Is this news or hate?”

” ***Updated 10/20 This site is the focus of considerable controversy for its focus (and particularly the focus of the constituents in its comments section) on Islamic culture and dogma as the source of Islamic terror. As a popular, active, and well presented site, it is worth checking out, but some may find its content hateful or even racist.”

Who’s going to find LGF’s content , “hateful or even racist” other than Islamo-fascists, terorrist sympathizers, & left-wingers who resent everyone who has a different opinion than they do? For MSNBC to try to paint LGF as some sort of questionable racist page run by a hatemonger is grossly irresponsible and inexcusable. As far as I’m concerned, MSNBC owes Charles Johnson and LGF a public apology. If they can’t even publicly admit that they were wrong to smear LGF like this, then to hell with them as far as I’m concerned.

***Update***: Little Green Footballs reader brianstien posted this email that he received from Will Femia at MSNBC…

“Brian, thanks for your letter. I am not replying to all of these LGF mails (there are hundreds) but since you are the first civil mail I’ve read in the last hundred or so, I’m giving myself a break and taking time to reply.

I don’t actually have a staff, it’s just me. I am quite busy, but that’s my own fault, so I can’t complain.

What’s baffling me the most is why so many people don’t even want the issue raised. I didn’t take LGF off the list. I didn’t bow to the “PC lefties.” People are berating me for “being on the fence” but I thought my decision was clear?

The only assertion I made was that there were objections to putting LGF on the list, and I did back that up with facts. There really are objections, I didn’t make that up.

Anyway, hopefully by tomorrow I’ll have gone through all these mails and still retained my sanity (you may have been spared the mean spiritedness, but I certainly have not) and I’ll be able to do a follow up post.”

LGF reader Model4 explains the issue that seems to “baffle” Mr. Femia…

“Senator Trent Lott: Possible wife-beater?
Al Gore: Is there a problem with alcoholism?
Harrison Ford: Could he be into kiddie-porn?
LGF: “Is this news or hate?”

You can’t be an editor for a national news organization, even one as weak on standards as MSNBC, without knowing better. You can’t put out unsubstantiated third-party attacks and just leave the poor victim with the burden of proof without putting your reputation on the line.”

Exactly. I’ll be looking forward to seeing that follow-up post…

***Update 2***: My favorite columnist ,Mark Steyn weighs into the frey on LGF’s side…

***Update 3***: Will Femia at MSNBC apparently believes “any publicity is good publicity” because he posted a mealymouthed non-apology on MSNBC today and decided to draw things out for another day by asking people to write to him. You’d think the “500”+ responses that he says he has already received would have been enough to clue him in.

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