Bush Launches Operation ‘Shut-Your-Piehole’ Against European Leaders

Bush Launches Operation ‘Shut-Your-Piehole’ Against European Leaders: ‘Bob From Accounting’ does more funny stuff…

“Following a flurry of international criticism regarding a preemptive strike against Iraq, George Bush surprised pundits Tuesday with the announcement he was immediately launching “Operation Shut Your Piehole” against nearly a dozen whiny world leaders and United Nations officials.

…According to sources, the military action will first target Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien, whom Bush vowed to “make my b*tch” after repeated comments from the close ally that he was firmly against any unilateral action taken by America to remove Saddam Hussein from power.

..Bush also plans to target France, Germany and Italy – or as Bush refers to them, “those good skiing countries.” If required, additional resources will be spent shutting up Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Louis Farrakhan and “that ungrateful little [email protected] Nelson Mandela.”

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