The Flight 93 Conspiracy

The Flight 93 Conspiracy

The Flight 93 Conspiracy: Like most tragic events of recent times, a myriad of conspiracy theories have sprung up about 9/11. Conspiracy theorists have blamed numerous groups for “really being behind 9/11” including the US Government, the Mossad, the Russians, the US military, and even the oil industry. You’d think that the recent confession from members of Al-Queda would be enough to remove all doubt but I’m not sure it’ll even phase the conspiracy theorists.

There are also popular books from France that claim that the Pentagon was actually not hit by plane, but was really hit by a truck bomb. Of course, that has been thoroughly debunked and moreover, people like USA TODAY reporter Richard Benedetto saw the plane hit the Pentagon.

The latest conspiracy theory about 9/11 that’s started to gain steam is that Flight 93 didn’t crash, it was shot down. I believe I can refute this theory with a photograph. Here is one of just two pictures, both apparently taken by Val McClatchey, that I was able to find online of the immediate aftermath of the Flight 93 crash…

The interesting thing here is not what you see, but what you don’t see. If Flight 93 was blown into a flaming heap of wreckage by a missile, should you not see a trail of smoke GOING DOWN as well as COMING UP from the crash site? I think that tells you all you need to know about whether the conspiracy theorists have this one right or not.

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