Caitlyn ‘Bruce’ Jenner Gets BAD News..

Caitlyn ‘Bruce’ Jenner Gets BAD News..

Looks like Bruce has said something “offensive”…I mean Caitlyn. Something he said during his interview with TIME’S “Person of the Year Award” has people throwing hate daggers at him…I mean her. THIS is what she has to say about it!

Caitlyn Jenner is apologizing for saying people are uncomfortable if a transgender person looks like “a man in a dress.”

The 66-year-old made the comment during his Time “Person of the Year” interview, and though the comment was later removed, he apologized in a blog post on his website Monday.

“I said that my appearance is important to me, that I want people to be at ease when they encounter me, and that people are still uncomfortable if a trans person looks like ‘a man in a dress,’” Jenner wrote.

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“I think I caused a lot of hurt with this comment, and I’m truly sorry.”


I personally do not feel uncomfortable around a man in a dress…it is just a little alarming for a woman to have a mans voice…I ALWAYS automatically think of “the ugly step-sister” from SHREK… It is nothing personal though, it is just how my brain translates it…

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