Campaign Against Hot Dogs Continues

Nothing could be more American than hot dogs. So naturally, progressives oppose them.

First they told us that hot dogs could make us choke. Bureauweenies called for warning labels, a first step toward a ban.

Then they went after them on the grounds that hot dogs oppress animals. Moonbats tried to end the hallowed tradition of Dodger Dogs at ballgames in Los Angeles.

Next, they shrieked that hot dogs cause cancer. They’re still at it:

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Hot dogs may be as American as baseball and apple pie, but an anti-meat advocacy group says they’re hazardous to your health and should carry warning labels.

The group, called the Cancer Project, wants to force hot dog makers to use warning labels. An offshoot of a pro-vegetarian organization, the Cancer Project filed a lawsuit Wednesday in Superior Court in Newark on behalf of three New Jersey residents.

If this doesn’t work, it will soon be revealed that hot dogs are racist.

When at last liberals have rid the world of hot dogs, they can move on to apple pie, baseball, the flag, and mom. Chevrolet has already been dealt with by Chairman Zero.

Caught indulging in politically incorrect food.

On a tip from Gregory of Yardale. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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