Democrats Censor Speech: Don’t Say “Government Run Health Care”

Evidently, the term “Government Run Health Care” doesn’t poll so well. I know it’s the only term I use for the health care debate because “Obamacare” sounds snipey and non-descriptive. So this is what is being reported by Human Events’ Connie Hair:

Rep. John Carter (R-Texas), the secretary of the House Republican Conference and a former District Court Judge, is having his messages to constituents censored by Democrats on the Franking Commission. Republicans are no longer allowed to use the words “government run health care” in the communications to their constituents.

Carter received an email from the Franking Commission informing him of the censorship.

“It came to me from the Franking Commission and I have the email from the Franking Commission here if you’d like to see it,” Carter said. “We held a telephone town-hall… When you hold telephone town-halls you have a recorded message that introduces the town-hall and the subject matter you’re going to be talking about. You have to now submit that language to the Franking Commission.

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True censorship is when the Government filters what can and cannot be said. This is the government filtering what can and cannot be said. It’s unconstitutional and it’s wrong.

The fact is, the Democrats don’t want accurate words used because that will derail their plans–in this case for the government to run health care. The words are accurate and descriptive and don’t play well with people, so they want to mangle words and meanings to deceive the American people.

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