How Can Trump Get Over This Hump And Focus On Hillary’s MAJOR Defects?!

How Can Trump Get Over This Hump And Focus On Hillary’s MAJOR Defects?!

So what does Trump have to do from here on out to win?

I don’t know. I’m not a strategist…but I do have some common sense rolling around in the space between by ears. With that sense, I do know that a disastrous week like last, cannot continue if he has any hope of becoming the next President of the United States.


There are a few things that, with VERY little effort, he may be able to make up some voting numbers…

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Raise Money! Which He Seems To Be Doing, Finally.

You need cash to burn to fund a campaign and Trump is not pulling in as much as previous Republican candidates…but he is pulling in cash and there’s always room to expand…

Hillary. Is. The. WORST…Play With That.

Hillary Clinton should have been the absolute WORST candidate to ever run for office. The WORST. Any one of the other Republican candidates that ran could have bested her easily…Trump has not. Hey, don’t get mad. The polls are the polls.

It’s never too late for Hillary though. She continues to lie about her email server, even though she was proven absolutely INCOMPETENT…and apparently indignant that she is viewed as doing something wrong. The nerve of this old lying wildebeest has no end. She is the biggest target in the room. YOU CAN’T MISS, even if you tried!

Use The Events That Are Sure To Come.

Hillary IS NOT popular. She is in fact, the worst in polling along with Trump…but there’s an advantage for Trump. If he can stop drawing attention to himself over petty dealings, he could focus his events and the media’s events on Hillary. A lot could happen. Another terrorist attack, followed by Hillary’s lukewarm response…that can be attacked. Obama could get giddy about going after the rights of the people…again, attack. The Clinton Foundation… Attack!

The possibilities of attack are endless! Hillary Clinton is a walking scandal! STOP FOCUSING ON YOUR PETTY SQUABBLES AND FOCUS!

So will Trump do this? No. Trump is Trump…

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