Carson’s Manager Makes Shocking Announcement on Facebook… IT’S HAPPENING

Carson’s Manager Makes Shocking Announcement on Facebook… IT’S HAPPENING

Presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson, and his campaign has been dealt some pretty tough blows in recent weeks…and now, in a shocking post to Facebook, it looks like someone near and dear to him, has slipped up big time and given us some insight into what’s to become of Carson’s run for the Presidency…


Conservative commentator Armstrong Williams, the man often described by the media as Carson’s “business manager and confident,” ranted on Facebook Friday about the behavior of a couple of former Carson campaign staffers and their newfound relationship with billionaire businessman Donald Trump.

But, in his obvious anger, Williams may have told America much more about the state of the Carson campaign than he ever intended.

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In what seemed almost like an afterthought, Williams ended his rant with this sentence: “But just to make it extra clear: neither Bennett nor Watts has any influence whatsoever over who Dr. Carson may ultimately endorse in the primary should the occasion arise.”

That’s right: A man who by all accounts has a great deal of insight into Ben Carson’s thinking — and, in fact, presumably a great deal of influence over it — just invoked the “e word.”

If Dr. Carson’s closest adviser is not only talking about who the candidate might “endorse,” but also doing so in a very public forum like Facebook, the campaign’s end is nigh. There is simply no alternative to that.

Maybe this is a good thing,if he does drop from the race, there is still ample time for him to throw his support behind another GOP presidential candidate. Things maybe getting a little more exciting in the near future…

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