Did You Catch McConnell’s Speech At The Convention?…Neither Did The Rest Of America.

Did You Catch McConnell’s Speech At The Convention?…Neither Did The Rest Of America.

Oh geez…has there ever been a more despicable AND disposable politician than Mitch Freaking McConnell? Obama aside of course…that’s another battle on a different side. This do-nothing had the opportunity today to address the Republican convention with real talk. Talk of understanding. Understanding that Republicans have chosen a candidate that no doubt, was not on Mitch McConnell’s radar from the get go. You would think he would have come to terms with that, and seen the errors of so-called leadership?


Are you kidding? Since when as the party leadership EVER had their heads out of their…well, you get it.

His speech was full of the very same old non inspiring rhetoric that politicians just can’t help but do. He spoke of the parties achievements (you mean like kowtowing to Obama’s every demand?) as well as his own personal achievements…which I’m sure crumbling like a tower of jello and screwing constituents and American taxpayers is considered an achievement to him.

McConnell also spoke of Hillary Clinton, saying she would “say anything, do anything, and be anything”. Some folks were confused, as they assumed he was referring to himself…I being one of them.

By the end of the speech, I found it quite impossible that anyone was still listening. But many did take away something from his words…

It was more of the same.

Nothing has changed. Nothing will change. The Republican party is an old man in the nursing home just waiting to kick the bucket. It’s lived a long productive life that in the beginning and up until a few decades ago, was the party of conservatism…it is but an empty shell of it’s former self, now…

And much of that can be attributed to Mitch Mcconell, John Boehner, and every other phony conservative, as well as the voters that continued to put their vote behind these corrupt politicians.

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