Celebrity George Lopez Said: “You wanna make the streets safer, deport the police!”

Celebrity George Lopez Said: “You wanna make the streets safer, deport the police!”

By Right Wing News’ Sierra Marlee

Actor and comedian George Lopez has a long history of promoting illegal immigration and opposing deportation and the detention of illegals.

His latest statement, however, is so absurd that it’s going to make you face-palm so hard that you give yourself whiplash.

Buckle up.

The irrelevant race-baiter posted a photo to his official Instagram account that called for Trump to “deport the police” if he was interested in “making the streets safer.” If this isn’t the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard…

Then, as all celebrities do after they are caught saying something that is so mindbogglingly stupid that you lose brain cells just for reading it, Lopez said that it was all in the name of “comedy.”

I have a newsflash for the Hollywood elites: Comedy is funny. Comedy makes people laugh. Comedy brings people together. Sure, politics is funny and sometimes that because it’s so absurd that you just have to laugh about it.

This had nothing to do with comedy, and everything to do with trying to make a political statement and light a fire underneath the anti-establishment, anti-Trump and anti-cop liberals. If he’d at least had the honesty to admit it, I would have more respect for him.

It’s no secret that Lopez has been extremely critical of President Trump and especially his anti-illegal immigration policies. He’s even hosting a stand-up special titled “The Wall” which will undoubtedly contain more politically charged “comedy.”

I used to enjoy his sitcom, because he wasn’t trying to make a statement; it was just funny. I wish we could go back to a time where people could actually be funny without having to worry about backlash from SJWs who think that they aren’t being “progressive” enough with their political humor. It is enough to make one wonder if we will ever be that America again.

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