Celebrity MELTDOWN Like Never Before Over Tax Reform – I Can’t Believe Them!

Celebrity MELTDOWN Like Never Before Over Tax Reform – I Can’t Believe Them!

Last night the Senate pulled a late one as they worked their way through various amendments to and finally passed the GOP Tax Reform bill. This legislation is a major victory for President Trump. But the swamp residents of Hollywood and the music world are reacting as if the actual zombie apocalypse has begun. Up and down, on Twitter and in the press, celebrities are parading their utter ignorance of what is contained in the bill and their intimate knowledge of how to sound really foolish.

We kick it off with the ever ridiculous Chelsea Handler, traitor extraordinaire and all around gender bending Leftist, “she” tweeted, “What Republicans did last night to the poor and middle class in this country to reward huge corporations and the very wealthy is sickening. So, for all the religious beliefs you hold, rewarding the people who fund your campaigns must be somewhere in the Bible.” Is it just me, or does this tweet make absolutely no sense? See the tweet below.

Next up we have the king of smarmy comments aimed at Republicans and conservatives, Michael Moore, who compared the tax bill to “fascism,” adding, “the coup is underway,” and, “the Republican Party is the enemy of the American people.” No, Michael, you are and have been for years, not only an enemy of all that is in good taste, but also of logic, knowledge and reason. Don’t you have a new box office flop to make? See his rambling unhinged tweet below.

Then we have actor Josh Gad, who characterized the bill’s passage “one of the most disgraceful acts in modern political history.” No Josh, disgraceful is what is going on with Hollywood and the sex-for-roles scandals that apparently ALL of you knew about, but allowed to continue. You were great at voicing Olaf the snowman, but in real life, your ability to think clearly appears to be frozen. See his tweet below.

Then we have more illogical tweets from some other celebrities. See below.

As always, celebrities are completely out of touch when it comes to the economic and political realities of life. They have no idea what is in the Tax bill. They don’t understand what regular Americans have been dealing with when it comes to Obamacare, the estate tax and taxes in general. They are living in make believe world, drenched in ignorance and only too happy to share that ignorance with the rest of us on social media. Pro-tip celebrities; learn what’s in the bill before you criticize it. And try to get your facts straight before showering your uninformed nonsense upon Twitter.

America benefits from this Tax Bill. Celebrities need to get over themselves and stick to their day jobs. Political adulting is hard.

Sonja Bochow

I live in Newark, DE, am married, and the mother of four children; Liam, Brenna, Keira and Erin. I am also a full time Bible teacher and have a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from West Chester University.

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