Changes To RWN

Changes To RWN: Some of you may have noticed that I’ve added a “Support” section on the left-hand side of the page. Currently, I have books from Amazon you can buy, a wish list, and an Ebay sign-up that will make me $5 per person who signs up. I’m also planning to add a PayPal button so you can contribute directly to the page. There are a couple of other advertising options I’m planning to do later (not pop-ups for those of you who are wondering).

Next week-end, I’m planning to add a search feature, an area for graphics, & archives (I hope). I’m also going to put up a section dedicated to refuting liberal lies that are brought up again and again. Like “This is a war for oil”, “George Bush used cocaine”, John Ashcroft has a “Camp plan”, etc, etc. First, I’ll post the lie, then I’ll post links to articles that effectively refute it. Think of it as a small, Conservative “Snopes” area for RWN. Feel free to make suggestions for lies you’d like to see refuted and/or articles that would work well with the concept I’m developing.

Last but not least, we’ve just put together another banner ad which you can see here. Thanks to Ozrael from the The Electric Reel and Marc Miyake from Amaravati: Abode Of Amritas for their help in putting together the ad.

***Update***: Ah, the irony. I’ve now been linked by talk radio powerhouse Neal Boortz twice — and neither article was on Right Wing News at the time. The first time was on the now defunct, “Brass Knuckles Webzine.” The Talkmeister then linked my Politically Correct Fairy Tales article. Today, Neal Boortz linked my The Twenty Most Annoying Liberals In The United States For 2002 editorial at ZCPortal. Considering the amount of traffic I’m getting off the link on ZCPortal, Boortz must be sending mega-traffic over there.

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