Why Is The War On Terrorism Not Just About Al-Queda?

Why Is The War On Terrorism Not Just About Al-Queda?: I was actually going to use this killer quote from Jonah Goldberg about terrorism in an editorial I’m writing, but it didn’t end up fitting in. However, it’s such a magnificent quote that I thought it deserved a mention even if it is a few months old. In a nutshell, this explains why we’re going after Saddam, why the mullahs in Iran have to fall, why Israel must be allowed to do their work in the Disputed territories, why Hizbollah has to be destroyed, etc. All of it is summed up in one little metaphor about a nest of scorpions…

If a scorpion sneaks into your house and bites your child, you kill the scorpion. That’s a no-brainer. But if you believe “something like this must never happen again” then you also go out in the yard and kill the other scorpions. You also kill rattlesnakes and black widow spiders, and maybe you even get a new alarm system and a child safety seat for your car. In other words, you do every reasonable thing you can. Imagine telling your wife, “Honey, I know there’s that huge scorpion nest out in the yard, but I killed the scorpion responsible. Can you prove that the other scorpions had anything to do with the one that bit little Timmy?”

Destroying Hussein and the rest of the global terrorist network isn’t about revenge for 9/11, it’s about making sure it doesn’t happen again. On 9/11 it was al-Queda, next year it may be Hamas, the year after that it may be Hizbollah, after that it could be a group that doesn’t even exist today. In a world where outlaw states that support these groups have access to weapons of mass destruction, that’s unacceptable. So these groups and any regimes that insist on continuing to support them must be wiped off the face of the Earth. That won’t be easy, quick, or clean but it a necessity if we’re going to avoid terrorist attacks that could cost millions of American lives.

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