Time For Transfer To Be Put On The Table

Time For Transfer To Be Put On The Table: I have long been of the opinion that Israel needs to put the option of transferring the Palestinians on the table. If the Palestinians are forced to confront the possibility that they will lose their state permanently then they will begin to get serious about living in peace with Israel long-term…or they’ll be driven out of the “disputed territories” at the point of a gun. Either option would be better than the current situation as far as I’m concerned. But, I really have heard very little support for actually transferring the Palestinians aside from Dick Armey’s comments several months ago. But today, Jackie Mason & Raoul Felder weighed in on Jewish World Review…

“For the first time in fifty years we have again become a lost, confused, helpless and paralyzed people. Somehow we have resigned ourselves to suffer the constant killing of our people, like another but slower Holocaust. We have paralyzed ourselves by our sickening irrational fear of “World Opinion,” which is why we find it impossible to face one simple fact. We will never win this war unless we immediately threaten to drive every Arab out of Israel if the killing doesn’t stop.

It is no accident that the Arabs are not concerned with public opinion while killing our people, but we are terrified of public opinion before we dismiss them from our country. Somehow, we have become intimidated into believing that we are obligated to give them a place to live, and we have no right to throw them out just because they are killing our people.

It is about time we realize that public opinion is nothing but publicly expressed anti-Semitism and appeasing public opinion makes as much sense as Chamberlain’s appeasement of Adolf Hitler. Jews dying in Israel disturbs them as much as watching your neighbor killing a cockroach, even if it doesn’t fill you with pleasure you certainly don’t feel remorse about it. That is why when suicide bombers kill hundreds of Jews not a word of protest is ever heard, but when we try to defend ourselves by retaliating against our killers the U.N. immediately is called in an emergency session to protect our assassins.”

That’s dead on and agree with it completely. My only question is, “What’s taking people so long to figure this out?”

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