More Fark Comments About Annoying Liberals

More Fark Comments About Annoying Liberals: ZCPortal got my The Twenty Most Annoying Liberals In The United States For 2002 linked on Fark…again. Here are the two most entertaining comments from the 692+ post thread…

From the Right…

Heuer: “For one last time: How Bush Stole the Election

By: Me

Bush convinced his buddies at Enron to create the worlds first Flux Capacitor which he used to travel back to the Constitutional Congress. Through the powers of mind controll garnered from the illuminati and a tinfoil hat, he convinced the founding fathers that he who wins the popular vote should not be leader. He, with the help of Carl Rove and Ann Coulter under the leadership of Rush Limbaugh, created the Electoral College. This being completed, he tainted the gene pool in Florida, thus taking away the residents power to know how to vote. He also made a side trip to set in motion the US’s dependence on oil. He planted the plans for the internal combustion engine thus assuring a long wealthy life for his oil buddies. He considered inventing the internet on his journies, but figured that was best left to Al Gore.

Stay tuned for the continuing saga of W’s Time Travels.

This rant may not be rebroadcast without the implied oral consent of Major League Baseball.”

From the Left…

Judasdiomedes: Jimmy Carter as the worst Liberal? You may say he was a lousy president, but the man has been a farking saint ever since..a far better man than president, which is much better than can be said about most other presidents. Being against Carter is equivalent to opposing compassion.

***Update***: Bill Doty from ZCPortal told me that he received the following as part of a reader survey…

“What is your favorite story? 20 Most Annoying Liberals

Comments: Not really, this is my very first visit. I heard about your site from a radio dj at WBT radio in Charlotte, NC. He read off the list of the 20 annoying liberals and gave your web address on the air. I kept rehashing it repeatedly until I could get home and get online where I bookmarked it for future reading.”

WBT is my home town talk radio station. I’d love to know which talk radio host actually read that article on the air. If any of you came over from ZCPortal, which apparently pulled more than 30,000 hits off of the article by the way, and actually heard a host on the air talking about it, I’d love to know.

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