Chattanooga Shooter Rejected for Nuclear Plant Work

Chattanooga Shooter Rejected for Nuclear Plant Work

Do you ever wake up and seriously wonder what the hell is wrong with the world? Mohammad Abdulazeez, the Chattanooga Shooter, failed a background check.  No, not for the gun he used to kill four Marines.  That he got illegally.  He failed a background check…ten days after starting work at a nuclear power plant.


An Ohio company says the man who gunned down four Marines in Tennessee failed a background check in May 2013.

Todd Schneider, a spokesman for FirstEnergy Corp., says Muhammad Abdulazeez was conditionally hired as an engineer at a nuclear plant in east Cleveland. He spent 10 days there before he was let go because he failed a background check.

He would not say why Abdulazeez didn’t pass the screening process.

So not only did he fail a background check, he was allowed to work at one of our NUCLEAR PLANTS before he did. Like I asked with the failed background check that allowed Dylann Roof to get a gun, what “loophole” do we close that prevents government incompetence?

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