Chelsea Clinton fights with Ben Shapiro on Twitter. Doesn’t go very well.

Chelsea Clinton fights with Ben Shapiro on Twitter. Doesn’t go very well.

If you don’t have a twitter account and have never experienced a twitter fight… well, you’re missing out. The moment Ben Shapiro catches Chelsea Clinton opening her pie hole on Twitter is priceless!

Last night the battle began when Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, tweeted his support for autism. It kinda all went down from there. I will show you one tweet at a time so you can see just how far down the hill it went…

Then liberal editor at New Republic, Bryan Beutler tweeted what he thought to be a clever snarky response:

Feeling courageous enough to link onto her fellow liberals’ humor, Chelsea Clinton decided to pipe in her two cents:

Which was promptly followed by a great mocking tweet from conservative commentator Ben Shapiro:

Poor Chelsea’s complete lack of humor responds with her hurt feelings:

And then quickfire Shapiro responds back with a tweet that leaves Chelsea absolutely speechless:

And after all that– total silence. Did Chelsea not respond because she was too butt hurt? Because she was too mature? Or because she couldn’t face just how right-on Shapiro was?

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