The Chicago Cubs Are Going To The World Series! Fans Go Wild…

The Chicago Cubs Are Going To The World Series! Fans Go Wild…

It’s hard to even fathom it, but the mix of euphoria, relief and disbelief are starting to wear off of the long-suffering Chicago Cubs fans who had felt that they were cursed! It’s official. They are now setting their sights on the team’s first World Series in a long time – 71 years to be exact.


Loyal fans from all walks of life and from all corners of the country have come to together in complete disbelief that the Cubs are officially going to the World Series. Chicago native JImmy Tingas, who owns a grill in Texas, had this to say:

“For me, personally I had tears in my eyes. I’ve seen them come close, we have one more task to do. I’m confident they’re going to do it.”

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Even the First lady Michelle Obama joined the numerous fans in congratulating her hometown Cubs: “Way to go Cubs!!…My Dad is the reason I’m a true Cubs fans. He’d be so proud!”

Lifelong fan Marilyn Hnatusko shed tears after the win Saturday night, remembering other longtime Cubs fans in her family:

“I thought of all my relatives who didn’t see this, my dear Uncle John, and now I can’t quite believe it happened.”


Distributed across the world, Cubs fans make up their own body of heart hardened folks with a befuddling loyalty that includes decades of defeat and disenchantment. But not anymore. Now, these persevering backers have the World Series in their grasp and you can be sure that they are going to show up in droves.

Steve Zucker, who’s been a fan and a lifelong game attender since the 1940s, said before Saturday’s game that if the Cubs won, he would go to his Father’s grave and bring him some Cubs memorabilia.

“My dad died playing cards, listening to the game on a little transistor radio, so I may bring that, too,” Zucker said. “Before this year, I never thought I would see this.”

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