Children Rescued During #Ferguson Freeway Protests Placed into Child Protective Services

Children Rescued During #Ferguson Freeway Protests Placed into Child Protective Services

If you take your child to a protest where you will be on the freeway, you don’t deserve to be a parent, in my opinion. We’re sorry you’re upset that the Grand Jury didn’t cater to your feelings, despite the facts, but risking the lives of your own children as well as the lives of the people who are driving on the freeway is not protesting; it’s a crime.


From Gateway Pundit:

The protesters stopped traffic on the freeway. (Revolution News)

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Fourteen protesters were arrested including two children, ages 6 and 10.
The children were taken to child protective services.
WISN reported:

Protesters from Ferguson, Missouri, took over the streets of downtown Milwaukee Saturday.

The gathering caused disruption for some people trying to get around just weeks before Christmas as protesters marched through the streets.

At one point, the demonstration forced a part of the freeway to be shut down.

Police arrested 14 people shortly before 1 p.m. as a result of the protest that took place near Interstate 94 and Second Street.

The protesters arrested are facing disorderly conduct and pedestrian on freeway charges.

You have a right to protest about literally anything, but you DO NOT have the right to break the law while doing it. Thank goodness the children were not harmed during this publicity stunt. There is a blatant lack of common sense among these protestors.

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