The Chilling TRUTH About Trump Trashing Muslim Emerges… MEDIA IGNORES!

The Chilling TRUTH About Trump Trashing Muslim Emerges… MEDIA IGNORES!

It’s absolutely appalling to watch as the Democratic Party continues to lie and people continue to believe. Their new motto should be… embrace the ‘stupid’ and don’t let the facts bother you.

Because that is exactly what they do!


From Young Conservatives:

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From Gateway Pundit:

Featured in the media’s coverage of the appearance by Muslim Gold Star parents at the Democratic Party’s National Convention in Philadelphia in which the father of KIA Army Capt. Humayun Saqib Muazzam Khan, Khizr Khan attacked Donald Trump for ‘sacrificing nothing and no one’ is the statistic that 14 Muslims have been killed in action since the war on terror began in 2001.

The statistic is derived from a 2011 report by Rep. Peter King (R-NY). No Muslim soldiers appear to have been reported killed in action since then as the media has only reported the 14 Muslim KIA.

In contrast, a total of 14 American soldiers have been murdered by Muslim soldiers in attacks since 2001.

Just today it was reported by Gateway Pundit that Khizr Khan – the Muslim father who attacked Trump at the DNC – may have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood…

Khan wrote articles regarding OPEC – the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries – (OPEC) and Sharia Law. The members of OPEC are primarily Muslim countries. In one of Khan’s writings he shows his appreciation for an icon of the Muslim Brotherhood, Said Ramadan. Ramandan is a known as a Muslim Brotherhood agent and was the son-in-law of Hassan al-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood is known as the parent to all terrorist groups, including ISIS.

Khan currently runs a law office in New York City that specializes in immigration services. Another website tells us that Khan used to work for Hogan & Hartson and Lovells, which has ties to the Clinton Foundation.

Just like Democrats. Give the attention to anyone who can help them to shove their agenda down America’s throat, without any care as to if they are actually legit. All feelings, NO FACTS.

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