Chris Matthews Says This Candidate Is Going To WIN The GOP NOMINATION And It TERRIFIES Him

Chris Matthews Says This Candidate Is Going To WIN The GOP NOMINATION And It TERRIFIES Him

According to Chris Matthews, liberals are ‘oh so scared’ at the thought of Marco Rubio winning the GOP Nomination…that’s right, MARCO RUBIO! Media is using the oldest trick in their book of deceit…


It sounds like one particular GOP candidate has knocked the tingle right out of Chris Matthews’ shaky leg, because he interrupted his show just so that he could say which candidate “terrifies” him.

Watch below:

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An unhappy Chris Matthews on Wednesday night slammed Marco Rubio’s foreign policy comments at the Republican debate.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Senator Marco Rubio was clearly out to prove himself the strongest, best informed, most articulate hawk. He clearly made Sheldon Adelson happy tonight, as well as his other Daddy Warbucks he’s using to bankroll his campaign.

Later, the Hardball host again singled out the long-time supporter of Israel, saying, in effect, that Rubio was sucking up to “the darling of the hawks, Sheldon Adelson and every other Daddy Warbucks out there.”

A Hillary Clinton match-up with Marco Rubio is a scary thought for Democrats,” The New York Times reported May 22.

Liberals with bylines are frightened too, hit pieces in the Times and The Washington Post indicate.

Of course…it’s always the media’s goal to tell conservatives who their champion should be. Which in this case, is the Latino Jeb…because…progressive? I have a feeling their “I’m so scared of THIS GUY” tactic won’t work this time. True Conservatives are sick of their garbage and know it’s high time to bring “Brave” back to the land.

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