Christian Man Gets Denied Service By THIRTEEN Gay Bakeries After Requesting Pro-Traditional Marriage Cake

Christian Man Gets Denied Service By THIRTEEN Gay Bakeries After Requesting Pro-Traditional Marriage Cake

I know it must come as a shock to many to discover that the oh-so-“tolerant” left does not practice what they preach, but it seems that those who call for bakeries to be compelled to render services for those with whom they disagree are not always willing to abide by the same principle. According to, a whopping thirteen bakeries turned down business from pro-traditional marriage supporters when they wanted a pro-traditional marriage cake made.


When gay activists target Christian bakeries, everybody gets up all up in arms over it and freaks out. Some Christian bakeries that refused service were even made to undergo comprehensive training on anti-discrimination laws because of reports that the bakery was turning away customers who wanted gay wedding cakes made. They are called bigots and slammed with hate.

However, when decided to call thirteen pro-gay bakeries and ask for the words “Gay Marriage Is Wrong”, they were met with insults and hatred. In short, they were met with the same intolerance that the people wanting “Support Gay Marriage” cakes were met with at Christian bakeries… yet these pro-gay bakeries had no backlash against them.

Yet, as asked, it is curious what the reaction would be had the callers asked for “Support Polygamy” or “Polygamy is Wrong” cakes.. because we’re betting the slogans would be considered opinions, would be considered free speech. We’re also betting that the bakeries would have made the cakes.

Here are three videos, two show the reactions that the callers got when asking for pro-traditional life cakes. The third is of homosexual activists in Ireland who forced a Christian bakery to bake a cake that said “Support Gay Marriage” – and ended up getting the state involved to ensure the bakery would make the cake for their pro-gay marriage event.

Where are the crowds of “tolerant” liberals, demanding a boycott of these unenlightened bakers?

Even worse than a bad rule or a bad law is the instillation of a mindset that one set of rules must apply to others, and another set of rules apply to “our” side. That, my friends, is called “hypocrisy.”

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