Be Classic in the Era of Big Government

I was recently listening to MKTO’s megahit “Classic” for some inspiration. While this song is centered on love, it can be applied to anything. If you haven’t heard the song, below is a sample of the song’s lyrics:

You’re over my head
I’m out of my mind
Thinking I was born in the wrong time
It’s love on rewind,
Everything is so throwback-ish (I kinda like it, like it)
Out of my league
Old school chic
Like a movie star
From the silver screen
You’re one of a kind living in a world gone plastic
Baby you’re so classic
Baby you’re so classic
Baby you’re so classic

While government may not have direct involvement in every cultural phenomenon, its promotion of paternalism and complacency is greatly seen in pop culture, religion, business, and politics today. It’s better to be classic, or independent-minded, than a conformist in an era marked by invasive big government.

In the book Not Cool: The Hipster Elite and Their War on You —which I highly recommend you read–Greg Gutfeld outlines the very problem with modern-day liberalism (or Bolshevism-lite, the American variety) hijacking the cool factor. Today, one is “cool” if they’re a feminist, support abortion, hate guns, like big government, despise free markets, apologize for communists, dislike religion, and hate tradition, for example. If one supports free markets, small business, traditional values, free speech, religion, or the like, by default one is “uncool.”  Since when did statism become cool?

Being an individual in the classic sense is largely frowned upon now. If you don’t goosestep to every marching order of the Left by way of their media lapdogs, legion of elitist college professors, or avowed supporters in Hollywood, you’re castigated as “evil” and “backwards.” If you refuse to conform to the status quo, you’re “uncool” and “boring.”

Another way the culture of paternalistic government constricts and limits people is by defining them in the collective sense to discourage individualism.

In order to be a legitimate female today, one must be a victim propped up by paternalistic government. Slate articles like “Abortion is a Social Good. So Stand Up and Say It” dictate to women that they must be pro-abortion or face ostracism from and subsequent banishment by the female establishment. (You’re pro-life? You hate choice!) Being an independent conservative or libertarian woman is largely frowned upon especially if you don’t fit the big government mold. Don’t support government-subsidized birth control as a source of empowerment? You’re a traitor to womankind! Like being financially independent? You’re a slave to institutionalized patriarchy! You don’t want to combat domestic violence or harm without the help of government? You’re perpetuating rape culture!

Why not let women make their own decisions independent of the feminist Mean Girls club?

Men who reject big government policies are equally ostracized and vilified. In order for men to be a legitimate in the Left’s eyes, they must recognize that they are programmed to rape and renounce their alleged patriarchy. How is this achieved? Society must be “equalized” for women and men to be biologically similar rather than be complementary. Men should actively support abortion a la the bro-choice movement so they aren’t deprived of sex. And members of the opposite gender should be shamed for instigating “rape culture” and have whistles blown in their presence to offset any chance they may rape us. (Bizarre, much?)

Throughout our nation’s history, individuals—not government institutions—contributed to and helped America rise to greatness. Individuals, not the collective, can come together and revitalize this country. What’s wrong with being unique or boasting differences? (Answer: nothing!)

Fellow Millennials: Don’t abandoned individualism for nascent statism being promulgated in the public sphere. Be classic, be you. Don’t let the Left or big government policies define who you are.

This blog post was originally published on Counter Cultured’s “Politics” column.

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