Clint Eastwood Drops BOMBSHELL About Trump

Clint Eastwood Drops BOMBSHELL About Trump

Clint Eastwood has never tried to hide or quiet his strong right wing stance, in a recent interview he was asked about Trump…and this is what he had to say…


The Hollywood legend also managed to slip in a brutal slap in the face to Obama’s presidential performance.

Turns out Eastwood is pretty impressed by the 2016 GOP Presidential candidates.

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“I think there’s quite a few of them who are really good people,” Eastwood said.

Eastwood weighed in on Donald Trump, and Ben Carson, and described the kind of leader America needs after so many traumatizing years with Obama.

“I think people are looking for somebody who is outspoken and who isn’t afraid. And he [Trump] seems to have kind of a fearless attitude. I like Ben Carson because he is kind of a common sense guy. Anyone of them would be better than what we got,” Eastwood said.

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