Clinton Campaign Makes Damning Admission About Classified Info

Clinton Campaign Makes Damning Admission About Classified Info

Hillary “The Ultimate Hypocrite” Clinton’s campaign is going ballistic over the idea that a sensitive Clinton FBI interview has been released to Republicans and the media.

If your head is spinning, don’t worry because you’re not alone. I had to read this twice and make absolutely sure that it’s not satire.


From The New York Post:

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All leaks of classified information are not created equal — at least not for top officials running Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Some of the same staffers who were apparently nonchalant about their boss sending classified information over her private email server are now irate over the possible leak of Clinton’s FBI interview to reporters.

“Already hearing from people who have been contacted by reporters with knowledge of the content of their interviews in FBI 302’s,” campaign chair John Podesta said Wednesday night on Twitter.

A 302 is an interview summary produced by FBI agents. Podesta’s claim is that the FBI’s interview summary of the one they conducted with Hillary Clinton — which they shipped this week to Capitol Hill — has already been leaking to the press.

“Tough protocols on access to FBI’s 302’s must have included Republican speed dial to reporters,” Podesta added on Twitter.

The Clinton campaign communications director, Jennifer Palmieri, scolded: “Would remind all that this material is classified. So this is leaking of classified material.”

The irony is so thick that you would need a bone saw to cut it.

It’s absolutely sickening to me that they have the gall to be offended over an interview being leaked, but classified emails on an unsecured server is negligible.

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