‘Clinton Cash’ Goes Viral – Hillary Terrified as This is Revealed [VIDEO]

‘Clinton Cash’ Goes Viral – Hillary Terrified as This is Revealed [VIDEO]

Bernie Sanders supporters are upset over Hillary’s colluding with the DNC to edge Sanders out. This anti-Clinton video has gone viral in a short period of time….

Clinton Cash

From Breitbart:

In just three hours, more than 170,000 viewers tuned in to watch the global premiere of Clinton Cash, the motion picture adaptation of the New York Times best-selling book Clinton Cash, authored by Government Accountability Institute President and Breitbart Senior Editor-at-Large Peter Schweizer.

The film, directed by M.A. Taylor and produced by Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon, was promoted — and praised — by both sides of the political stratum. Veterans for Bernie Sanders, a group with over 50,000 likes, took to its Facebook page to encouraged its followers to watch and share the film.

Reaction to the Clinton Cash movie poured in swiftly. Viewers from multiple social media platforms praised the film and urged their followers to watch it.

Many Facebook users expressed a mixture of fury and disbelief at the facts laid out in the 105-minute film.
“Clinton Cash feature documentary” was trending on Facebook at the time of publication as reaction to the film continued to accelerate on the platform on Saturday.

One commenter said Clinton Cash “shows the cesspool of corruption that the Clinton Foundation is.”

Another commenter fumed, “Dear God. I thought I was done being shocked by the Clinton darkness. Thank you. Keep speaking out. Please.

WATCH THIS: I know you’re probably not surprised, but perhaps it will give you more ammo to fight against her gangster tactics…

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