CNN Anchor Brooke Baldwin points finger at Vets as reason for Baltimore Riots

CNN Anchor Brooke Baldwin points finger at Vets as reason for Baltimore Riots

Lately, it seems that CNN and MSNBC have been in a race to the “most ridiculous statement one could possibly make.”  Brooke Baldwin at CNN has put her network firmly in the lead this week with a stunning statement of idiocy, claiming that Veterans were in part responsible for the riots in Baltimore.

Brooke Baldwin

“After more than a year of CNN pouring gasoline all over America with hysterical, and oftentimes phony, stories of American racism, the left-wing network’s afternoon anchor Brooke Baldwin finally took it to the next level by blaming American veterans for the Baltimore riots.

In a pathetic suck-up interview with Democrat Congressman Elijah Cummins, Baldwin never once had the moral courage to ask the failed Baltimore City congressman if the left-wing policies ushered in by a half-century of a Democrat monopoly in Baltimore might have something to do with the city’s ills. Instead, she said of young military veterans who become police officers, “I love our nation’s veterans, but some of them are coming back from war, they don’t know the communities, and they are ready to do battle.”

The context was a discussion about increased training and retraining for the Baltimore police.

There’s no question Baldwin is hoping to launch a narrative with that smear.

This is pure CNN; throwing out anti-science smears towards the best people this country has to offer while it is in reality the rioters who are “doing battle.” It is savages who are looting and burning and causing anarchy, not the police. But it is the Baltimore police who have 15 wounded among their ranks. It is the Baltimore police who calmly did not do much battle during Monday night’s riots.

Baldwin and CNN just can’t help themselves. This is a cable news network that relentlessly launches Hate Campaigns to smear decent people, like Christians, as a way to deflect from the evils done by the Gaystapo and the thugs who are tearing down predominantly black, working class cities like Ferguson and Baltimore.

Essentially, what Baldwin said to the world was, “Don’t hire veterans! They’re too damaged to be trusted with authority.” We’re back to the Vietnam-era where leftists smear our heroes to cover up the real problems. CNN wants us to believe unstable veterans are the problem in Baltimore, not unstable families.”

Apparently, she has since offered a phony apology stating she has “friends and family” that are veterans, like somehow that makes here incapable of hating on them.   Brian Williams makes veterans look good with a fake story and is fired.  Brooke Baldwin makes veterans look bad with slanderous material and she keeps her job.  Sigh.

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