CNN Gets Invasive Pat-down from TSA [VIDEO]

CNN Gets Invasive Pat-down from TSA [VIDEO]

Yikes…not sure what to think about this. A CNN commentator had an experience that she is not so happy about and she shared the video that shows her bursting into tears to prove it. It was during a TSA pat-down, she was in a dress and it was lifted up and the part that is quite awful is that her genitals were hit.


Her name is Angel Rye and she is 37 years-old. She was shocked to learn that she was randomly selected for additional screening in a Detroit Metropolitan Airport last week. She had already completed the metal detector and full body scanner on top of already receiving the TSA PreCheck and deemed a CLEAR traveler.

This allows you to skip the security line….and that’s not how things played out for her, at all.

The full body scanner went off at her right foot and 3 places near her genitals. She was then told by the TSA officer that she would have to have those areas patted down.

‘I didn’t care about anything but one place on my body,’ Rye wrote in an op-ed about the incident for CNN.

‘I said in complete disbelief: “You know you aren’t patting down my vagina, right? Like that’s not happening.'”

The TSA officer informed her that unless her supervisor said otherwise, she would have to. Then the supervisor said he would call his manager.

‘I repeated my protests: I have a Homeland Security background. This is a severe violation of my privacy and civil liberties,’ Rye wrote.

‘Please just let me get the scan again. I do not want my vagina patted.’

Rye was informed that it would just be a back handed pat above the upper thigh and unless she complied she would be escorted out of the airport and miss her flight to New York. The manager at this time as Rye explains it grew increasingly frustrated with her when she further asked to take a picture of the screen that showed the “three overlaid yellow boxes between her legs.

This was the reply…

‘They won’t allow me because of security protocol. I say I have every intention to escalate this to the TSA administrator,’ she writes.

At that point the manager called the police to have Rye escorted out of the airport, she states however that she got an officer who was understanding of what she was feeling. She asked the officer to record the pat-down that she was willing to accept at this point if she had it on tape, and she demanded that it be done in public.

‘I wouldn’t have felt safer or less violated in “private”‘, she later tweeted. ‘I didn’t want my vagina patted down in a back room anymore than in public.’

This is what took place:

What do you think? Was this a violation of her privacy? What would you have done in this situation?

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