College student caught drinking underage at Austin festival, gets out of ticket after beating police at ‘Rock Paper Scissors’

We’ve all been ‘busted’ drinking under age, and usually tried to get out of it by mentioning any relative we had who was also a police officer.  This college student had the opportunity to win her way out of it with a game of ‘rock, paper, scissor.’


A video posted on social media site Vine by a user known as Old Row, shows the girl surrounded by her fellow festival goers at Texas-based country music festival Chilifest last weekend, facing up to three officers who are believed to have busted her for drinking, before challenging her to a round of the beloved playground game.

Seconds after the college student shows a clenched fist – or a ‘rock’ – to the three officers, one of whom chose ‘scissors’ as his option, thereby claiming a victory, the crowd erupts into cheers of joy and celebration, while the victor is left completely speechless with relief.

We can only imagine what would have happened if the cop chose ‘paper.’ Thankfully, the unidentified college student doesn’t have to find out.

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