Concealed Carrier Rescues Hostage, Captures Naked Attacker

Concealed Carrier Rescues Hostage, Captures Naked Attacker

A “good guy with a gun” saved the day once again, yet the mainstream media, unsurprisingly, only offers the sound of crickets. reports on the heroic actions of a concealed carrier:

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Henry Clinton Yancy Jr. was arrested and charged with criminal attempt homicide, aggravated assault, burglary, criminal trespass and a raft of other offenses after taking his ex-girlfriend hostage and assaulting her for 20 hours in Altoona, PA.

She finally managed to escape Friday morning, and only to be attacked by a naked Yancy yet again when a good guy with a gun stepped in and stopped the attack,saving her life:

On 05/15/2015 officers from our department were dispatched to the rear of the 1000 block of Lexington Avenue for a report of a naked man assaulting a female. Upon arrival officers located Henry Clinton Yancy Jr. naked, being held at gunpoint by a neighbor who had come to the female victim’s rescue. Yancy was taken into custody without incident. The investigation revealed that Yancy, the victim’s ex-boyfriend, had held his victim hostage for approximately 20 hours prior to her being able to escape. The victim reported that Yancy physically assaulted her throughout the night and stabbed her in the left leg. Yancy made several threats to the victim indicating that he was going to eventually kill her. At approx. 10:00 AM the victim believed she could escape and fled the residence. Yancy chased her and continued to assault her at the rear of the residence prior to neighbors intervening. Both the victim and the defendant were taken to UPMC Altoona for treatment. The defendant’s treatment stemmed from a pre-existing medical condition. At this time Yancy is awaiting arraignment for Criminal Attempt Homicide, Aggravated Assault, Burglary, Criminal Trespass and lesser included offenses. We would like to thank all of the neighbors that came to the victim’s aid, stopping the attack and subsequently rendering first aid.

It’s not a very nicely formatted story, but then, the Altoona Police Department aren’t supposed to be journalists.

Unfortunately, the only media account of the rescue that we can find is from a small local news outlet, WTAJ-TV:

“There was a lot of ruckus,” said neighbor Tatiana Scriver. “They almost sounded like there was a stampede going through the building.”

Another neighbor Nicky Mimikos said, “He’s on top of her just punching her in the face. He got up and started stomping her in the face.”

That’s when another neighbor, Henry Oppenheim, saw what was going on and sprung into action.

“So I quickly ran into my room grabbed my gun and went out to defend her,” said Oppenheim “I said let her go. And then he finally did it.”

Oppenheim has a concealed carry permit and says he brings his gun almost everywhere he goes.

“And then we moved her to the front to get her safe and secure and away from him,” said Scriver.

“We all stick together and when we see a girl getting beat — we just don’t allow that,” said Mimikos

As for Oppenheim, he says he’d do it all over again.

“In a heartbeat. Not a second thought. No reservations.”

Quite regularly, “good guys with guns” thwart attacks in America and the liberal mainstream media seldom highlights this fact with the same vigor with which they continually slam those who esteem the Second Amendment.

All we can do is continue to highlight these courageous acts in the hope that one day even the left will accept the unescapable reality that good guys with guns” save lives.

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