Congressmen Worried About Townhalls

Now, why in heavens sweet name would citizens be upset about the government? Could it be:

The economy stinks and the stimulus is a big flaming ball of disaster. From Calculated Risk:

This is the fourth consecutive quarterly decline in GDP; the first time that has happened since the government started keeping quarterly records in 1947.

The president treats anyone who disagrees with him as an enemy.

The health care plan seems like another big government plan doomed to fail….like, say, other simple simon ill-conceived easy government plans.

AJ Strata says:

We have had months of growing unemployment, even after a rushed stimulus bill was passed which promised to stem the tide of pink slips. Only to find out the stimulus package wasn’t really meant to stimulate a damn thing until late this year, early next.

And we have had an assault on our health care system which is expensive – not broken. The proposed cure is much worse than the problem of rising costs.

Amidst all this we have racked up mind blowing record deficits this year – all to no avail. It will take decades and generations to pay this wasted money back.

Yeah, why are people upset? I don’t get it. /Sarcasm off.

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