Congressmen Worried About Townhalls

Now, why in heavens sweet name would citizens be upset about the government? Could it be:

The economy stinks and the stimulus is a big flaming ball of disaster. From Calculated Risk:

This is the fourth consecutive quarterly decline in GDP; the first time that has happened since the government started keeping quarterly records in 1947.

The president treats anyone who disagrees with him as an enemy.

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The health care plan seems like another big government plan doomed to fail….like, say, other simple simon ill-conceived easy government plans.

AJ Strata says:

We have had months of growing unemployment, even after a rushed stimulus bill was passed which promised to stem the tide of pink slips. Only to find out the stimulus package wasn’t really meant to stimulate a damn thing until late this year, early next.

And we have had an assault on our health care system which is expensive – not broken. The proposed cure is much worse than the problem of rising costs.

Amidst all this we have racked up mind blowing record deficits this year – all to no avail. It will take decades and generations to pay this wasted money back.

Yeah, why are people upset? I don’t get it. /Sarcasm off.

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