Liberals: Read a book sometime.

Or at least stop throwing around terms you don’t understand, such as “fascist.”

In response to my column on Townhall today, I received this charming e-mail:

Wow! The fascists of the Republican party really did a good job of brainwashing you. You WILL grow up!

Anyone who actually reads should know that fascism is a big-government ideology that combines socialism with nationalism. Benito Mussolini, the father of European fascism, was a lifelong socialist who coined the term “totalitarianism” to describe a form of government that provides for every citizen’s total needs from cradle to grave. You know–kind of like modern leftists who want to give every citizen a job, housing, free health care, free education, free daycare, a car, the whole shebang.

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Read this interview with Jonah Goldberg, the author of Liberal Fascism, who explains it better than I can.

In response to the e-mail above: It’s hard to imagine a less fascistic practice than homeschooling, which conservatives support and liberals want to abolish. Any practice that is completely free from government control is, by definition, NOT “totalitarian” (remember what it means!). Mussolini’s motto was “everything in the state, nothing outside the state.” Many of the programs supported by libertarians and conservatives–homeschooling, privatized social security, individual gun ownership, etc.–are indeed “outside the state” and removed from government control.

Which brings me to an amusing story: Last year, during the Presidential primary, some dirty hippie was sitting behind me in class at OU, talking about libertarian-Republican candidate Ron Paul. “He wants to end welfare,” he said. “He’s another right-wing fascist.”

Oops! Someone doesn’t read.

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