Cop Finds Suspicious Bag on Top of Patrol Car. When He Looks Inside? OMG

Cop Finds Suspicious Bag on Top of Patrol Car. When He Looks Inside? OMG

On top of his Patrol Car was a suspicious bag…so like any Police Officer with instinct in this Obama’s America, he knew he had to take caution. After telling others to back away into a distance of safety, and using the skill set he learned from S.W.A.T for potential bomb threats, he made his approach…

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But when he got closer, Taft realized that this wasn’t a dangerous bomb. Someone had left the officer an early Christmas present!

When he noticed the blue and white stars on the ribbon and package, a smile swept across his face. He realized that someone was paying their respect to America’s blue – our police force. He was overjoyed.

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Who can blame Officer Taft for having his guard up when he saw the package? Police officers are being targeted by rebels and terrorists every day.

But the fact that an anonymous Good Samaritan went out of his or her way to honor the police force during Christmas certainly is promising.

The gift from the anonymous Secret Santa citizen of San Juan Capistrano honored the police force. It recognized them for all the hard work they do protecting the citizenry day in and day out.

The “Survival Kit” certainly included some special items. Here’s the list below!

Lifesaver – to remind you of the many times you have been one
Smarties – to give you wisdom for those split second decision
Starburst – for the burst of energy you need
Hersheys Kisses – to show our love for you
Gum – to help everyone stick together
Tootsie Roll – to help you roll with the punches
Peppermint Patty – to help keep your cool
Dum Dum – because you deal with a lot of them
Pay Day – because you’re not doing it for the money
Laffy Taffy – to remind you that laughter is a great stress reliever


I hope this cute idea ignites a whole lot more of these types of good deeds for our police officers!

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