Crazy Demons: Mother charged with murder after 12-week-old baby daughter is found ‘decapitated and with stab wounds to the face’

a 20-year-old was found with the the body of her decapitated daughter in Ohio on Monday, and is being charged with aggravated murder. ┬áThe baby’s head had been severed from the body.


A 20-year-old mother who had allegedly decapitated her three-month-old baby girl was suffering from post-partum depression and ‘speaking of demons’, family members said on Tuesday.

Deasia Watkins, from College Hill, Ohio, was charged with aggravated murder after she was found inside a home with her dead baby lying on a counter early on Monday.

Police said baby Janiyah was killed by ‘homicidal violence’, but sources told Fox19 that the child’s head had been severed.

The coroner reportedly said on Tuesday that the baby suffered multiple stab wounds to the face and a fractured right arm.

The child had be placed in the custody of child services on March 6th after a complaint was filed for neglect, though it’s unclear how she regained custody of the child. Both the police and the coroner’s office are investigating.

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