Creepy Video: Killer whale at SeaWorld San Diego lures birds close with fish and then eats them

Creepy Video: Killer whale at SeaWorld San Diego lures birds close with fish and then eats them

KaliaApparently SeaWorld isn’t all fun and games. The killer whale Kalia looks like she is going to the side of the tank to be friendly with birds standing there, but really tricks them into coming close enough for her to eat them.

The Daily Mail reports,

They are used to hunting and killing large fish and even seals in the wild, but now a SeaWorld killer whale has perfected the art of catching birds.

Kalia regurgitates fish and spits it onto a ledge at SeaWorld San Diego to tempt the birds into coming dangerously close to her razor sharp teeth.

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When they do, the 10-year-old whale leaps out of the water and gobbles them up.

In the video below, a gray bird comes too close and Kalia lurches up and catches it in her jaws. She then proceeds to play with its mangled corpse instead of eating it. What do you think, is this appropriate entertainment for SeaWorld or does it go a bit too gruesomely far for the family-friendly SeaWorld?

Rachel Alexander

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