CRINGE! MC Michelle Obama Releases A Rap Video. PREPARE Yourself…

CRINGE! MC Michelle Obama Releases A Rap Video. PREPARE Yourself…

The message…go to college. The vehicle used to deliver the message…well, it’s the First Lady rapping. Enough said?


Striding out of the White House in slow motion, sporting oversized sunglasses, Michelle Obama lays down a rap track aimed at raising the star power of math majors and engineering students.

‘If you wanna fly jets, you should go to college. Reach high and cash checks? Fill your head with knowledge,’ Obama rhymes as comedian Jay Pharoah drops bills on to the White House floor.

Pharoah is known for his Saturday Night Live impression of her husband President Barack Obama.





OR…since it is just as hard to find a job without a degree as it is with a degree in the America of today, learn a trade..start making money now, and put yourself through school. You will have a trade and eventually a degree too…just without the debt and unemployment line.

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