Crooks Answer A Craigslist Post…And Rob The Seller…Little Did They Know The Seller Also Owns A Gun… OOPS!

Crooks Answer A Craigslist Post…And Rob The Seller…Little Did They Know The Seller Also Owns A Gun… OOPS!

This is why I never use Craigslist. It’s dangerous. A homeowner in Colorado put up an ad on Craigslist. Next thing he knew, two Hispanic men showed up claiming they wanted to see the items he had for sale. Then they pulled a gun on him, tied him up and robbed him. The man broke free and confronted his attackers. One was in the process of stealing his SUV… the other was in a gold Mustang. The homeowner pulled his gun and fired multiple shots at the thugs. The gold Mustang fled the scene, but the guy trying to steal his SUV was hit and crashed in a neighboring yard. The thug was rushed to the hospital, but didn’t make it. No tears here… no big loss and good riddance.


From TheBlaze:

Police received a flood of calls Sunday morning reporting a disturbance, including several claims of gunshots, near a Jefferson County, Colorado, residence, the sheriff’s office reported.

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According to police, the home where the shooting took place had been featured in an ad on Craigslist.

The homeowner reported that two Hispanic males arrived to see the items he had listed on the website and that some time after their arrival, the men produced a gun, restrained the homeowner and robbed him.

They could have just as easily killed the man. He was very lucky they didn’t. They are still looking for the other attacker in the gold Mustang. He’s in his 40’s. This should be a warning to everyone out there who use services like Craigslist… it’s like having a neon sign over your home that says: “Rob me.” And that’s if something far worse doesn’t happen. I don’t know if they charged the homeowner or not. I doubt it and I hope not. It was self defense pure and simple. It was a good thing he was armed. Take note… these days, we all should be.



Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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