He Cut the End Off an Egg… What Happened Next? WHOA!

He Cut the End Off an Egg… What Happened Next? WHOA!

I’m not much of a cook, but this looks so simple that even I could do it.


Only a few things are needed for this fun twist on deviled eggs, all you need are hard-boiled eggs, mayo, mustard, peppercorns for the chick’s eye and carrots for the beak and feet. They are, “almost too cute to eat,” according to the host of the video recipe. I agree, but there’s no way I could resist a delicious deviled egg no matter what it looks like!

Start off by cutting off the top of the egg so that the ‘chick’ can peek through. Remove all of the yolk and save it in a bowl. Repeat this for all of the hard-boiled eggs you made.

Mix mayo, mustard and salt into the yolk, making sure it is nice and smooth. Use a piping bag to fill the eggs back up with the tasty yolk mixture.

Now its time for the fun part! Put the top back on, but don’t squeeze it down as you want to be able to see the yolk. Use a little bit of carrot as a beak and two peppercorns for eyes and then you are done. So easy, you won’t believe it is so delicious.

Wait, do people normally put mustard in their deviled eggs? Seems kind of gross! Anyway, these would be great for kids, but even if you’re serving adults, doing these without the faces would probably be a neat twist on an old favorite for adults.

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