Daily News For January 17, 2005


Olmert: We Can’t Let A Foe Like Iran Hold WMDs

U.S. Wins Support In Iran Dispute. China, Russia Join Call To Suspend Nuclear Program (Free WAPO Reg)

The Iranian Ambassador In Moscow Praised A Proposal To Move Tehran’s Uranium Enrichment Programme To Russia

Iranian President Asks End To CNN Ban

Britain: Echo Calls For Ban On Samurai Swords After Death Of Local Man


Gore Blasts Bush For ‘Dangerous Breach’ (Yawn)

GOP Hits Back at Gore on Wiretapping

Two Liberal Groups Planning To Sue Over Federal Eavesdropping (Free NYT Reg Req)

New Orleans Mayor Says God Mad At U.S.

Controversial Words At Sharpton’s MLK Event

Democrats Abort Deal On Alito Vote

Former President Gerald Ford Hospitalized

Photo Fakery At The New York Times

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Mark Steyn: Let’s Give Iran Some Of Its Own Medicine

John Fund: Today It’s Liberal Democrats Who Stand In The Schoolhouse Door

Hugh Hewitt Interviews Leadership Candidate John Shadegg

Robert Novak: K Street Candidates


El Paso Worker Killed, Sucked Into Jet Engine

Girlfriend Of ‘Vampyre’ Gubernatorial Candidate Is Fired

A Woman Who Hired A Hitman To Kill Her Has Been Awarded £2,000 Because She Is Still Alive

The Top 10 Wackiest Conspiracy Theories

An Indian Man Believed Dead By His Family And Fellow Villagers Caused Panic When He Returned Over Fears He Had Come Back As A Ghost

Website Of The Day: Link Mecca

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