The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day: The Dems Are America’s Sunnis?

This is an interesting way of looking at it…

hwmnbn: Democrats are now America’s Sunnis. They were in power, now they are out. The new repug masters are making sure they stay on top, even if it means dismantling our Constitution and remaking our country into a fascist state.

The Sunnis in Iraq are at least putting up a fight as they go down. Dems seem to be content to “hold hearings” to determine why we’re going down.

Our leaders should be screaming bloody murder. Filibuster, boycott, close down congress, stop this train no matter what it takes! F*ck, I’m frustrated.

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My apologies to Conyers, Murtha, and the too few others who’ve consistently fought hard. They ALL have to fight, fight hard, and fight NOW!

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