Daily News For October 17, 2005


Iraqi Constitution Likely To Be Approved. Charter Ok’d In Key Regions Despite High Sunni Turnout

Iraqis Appear To Approve Constitution — With Some Sunni Support

Bush Lauds Turnout, Relative Peace Of Iraqi Vote

Some Pictures From The Vote In Iraq

Pakistani quake toll estimated at 54,000

Bolton Slams Iran Over Nuclear Programme

Russians Help Iran With Missile Threat To Europe

Apparently Harriet Miers Is A Very Good Bowler

Harriet Miers

John Fund: Harriet Miers’ Friends, Ed Kinkeade & Nathan Hecht, Told Christian Conservatives, Including James Dobson, That Miers Would Overturn Roe v. Wade

Santorum Criticizes Bush On ‘Trust Me’ Approach

Miers Hit On Letters And The Law. Writings Both Personal And Official Have Critics Poking Fun(Free Wapo Reg Req)

Miers failed To Comply With City Law In Dallas. Was Slow To Respond To Several Liens Placed On Properties She Controls, Records Show Had To Reimburse Texas City For Failing To Clear Weeds, Debris From Vacant Lots

The National Pro-Life Action Center Calls For The President To Withdraw The Nomination Of Harriet Miers

Miers’ Colleagues Short On Specifics About Policy Work. The High Court Nominee Draws Very General Praise That Critics Cite

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Judy Miller Says She Cannot Recall Who First Told Her Valerie Plame’s Name (Free NYT Reg Req)

Claim: Rove Will Resign Or Go On Unpaid Leave If He’s Indicted

Toledo, Ohio: Thugs Start Riot, Assault Police & Burn Buildings In Response To Nazi March

Bush To Visit Southern California — Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Plans To Be Elsewhere

Condi Rice: I Don’t Want To Run For President


Ann Althouse: Harriet Miers Is A Candidate Hardly Anyone Is Happy With — And Here’s Why

Manuel Miranda: Who Harriet Miers Is Not

Ramesh Ponnuru: Why Conservatives Are Divided Over Miers (Free NYT Reg Req)

David Brooks: Miers Writings Show No Aptitude

Rush Limbaugh: There’s A Crackdown Over Miers, Not A “Crackup.”

Cal Thomas: Bush Must Learn To Say “No” To “Yes” Men

William Kristol: Criminalizing Conservatives

Mark Steyn: Media Utters Nonsense, Won’t Call Enemy Out


The Million Moan March: A Closer Look At The Speakers

Italy: Nagging Wife Has Hubby Pleading For Jail

Humor: Miers To Bush — Invite Me To The Supreme Court (XOXO)

Website Of The Day: Tammy Bruce

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