Weekend Links

Hope you enjoy this little collection of links from around the sphere.

Stop the ACLU: Obama is the Heroin of the MassesDoug Ross has the 2008 Darwin Contractor Awards! Heh!
Iowahawk: I Am Look For The Job
Don Surber: Just Ask Me
Jules Crittenden: He Won
Macsmind: Obama ain’t worthy to tie Rush Limbaugh’s Shoes
TigerHawk: International abortion hoo-ha
Wizbang: The Barack Obama Body Count
The Right Coast: Atlas Shrugged wasn’t fiction
Gay Patriot: On the Hatred of the (Gay) Left
Bob McCarty: GITMO Detainees Likely to Thank MLK, Allah
Scrappleface: ‘War On Terror’ Ends, Obama Starts ‘Case Against Terror’
GM’s Place: If Obama Only Had a Brain
Perfunction: America Loses Its Princess

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