Quote Of The Day: Chappaquiddick & Immigration

“This morning’s New York Times publishes a moving tribute to Ted Kennedy’s efforts to save his sinking Oldsmobile of an immigration bill as it plunged to the ocean floor. If only liberalism’s last lion had shown such determination and interest in saving Mary Jo Kopechne.” — Dean Barnett

PS: Hawkins’ note: I’d say the same thing about George Bush. Name one issue, any issue, aside from the war, that he has fought for as hard as this destructive amnesty bill that’s hated by the American people and his base. Even the three runners up, tax cuts, social security reform, and Supreme Court Justice Harriet Miers don’t compare. If Bush fought this hard for say border enforcement or to reduce spending, he probably wouldn’t have an approval rating that’s perpetually stuck in the low-to-mid thirties.

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