Glenn Beck Should Leave Kucinich’s Wife Alone

Granted, Kucinich is making himself look foolish by getting a lawyer involved, but Glenn Beck was still being extremely crude,

“Dennis Kucinich has consulted with a lawyer about radio talk host Glenn Beck’s on-air comments knocking Kucinich’s marriage. The lawyer has written to Beck’s bosses.

…Clear Channel is the parent of Premiere Radio Networks, which syndidates Beck’s show on more than 200 stations. On June 4, the radio talker compared the Cleveland Democratic congressman and presidential aspirant to the Gollum character from “Lord of the Rings” — and speculated that Kucinich’s wife, Elizabeth, must be under the influence of a “date rape drug” to find him attractive.”

Comments like that about the wives of the candidates should be beneath a guy like Beck. He should leave the “date rape” remarks to the shock jocks.

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