Daily News For Jan 22, 2007


Iraq PM Stops Protecting Shiite Militia

Bombs Kill At Least 78 People In Baghdad

Iraq Shi’ites Reach Political Deal

Chavez To U.S.: ‘Go To Hell, Gringos!’

Burma ‘Orders Christians To Be Wiped Out’

Sudan Gov’t Bombing N. Darfur

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert Approval Rating: 14%


Hillary Clinton Declares She’s Running For President

Muslim Congressman Called For Non-Islamic Terrorist’s Release In 2000. Ellison Spoke At Fund-Raiser For Woman From Group That Tried To Kill Feinstein

N.M. Governor Joins Presidential Race (Free WAPO Reg)

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Dick Morris & Eileen McGann: Hillary In Trouble

Mark Steyn: Media Are Going To Barack Around The Clock

Jeff Jacoby: Despite What The New York Times Says, Women Aren’t Giving Up On Marriage

Benny Morris: This Holocaust Will Be Different (Free Jerusalem Post Reg Req)

Paul Farhi: Five Myths About U.S. Kids Outclassed By The Rest Of The World (Free Wapo Reg Req)

Michelle Malkin: Lurid AP Report On Iraq Outrage Doesn’t Check Out


Scotland Yard Says Personal Beliefs Must Not Be Put Above Police Duties, After A Muslim Constable Refused To Shake Hands With Sir Ian Blair

The 20 Richest Women In Entertainment

Video: SNL On Islamophobia, Redux

Website Of The Day: The Absurd Report

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