Daily News For Jan 8, 2006


Bush Plan Sets Series of Goals for Iraq Leaders (Free New York Times Reg Req)

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki Said On Saturday That Iraq’s Armed Forces Are Set For An Assault On Baghdad To Take Out Militias And Rogue Security Forces

Claim: Israel Plans Nuclear Strike On Iran

Abbas Declares Hamas Force In Gaza Illegal

US To Give $86 Million To Abbas’ Forces (Free Jerusalem Post Reg Req)

Australia: Terror Nuke Rocket Attack Plotted

Somalia: Islamists Dig In By The Sea As Ethiopia Advances

Britain: An Undercover Investigation Has Revealed Disturbing Evidence Of Islamic Extremism At A Number Of Britain’s Leading Mosques And Muslim Institutions


U.S.-Mexico Pact Revealed: Billions In Social Security Money To Non-Citizens

Pelosi Hints That Congress Will Deny Funding For Bush In Iraq (The Democrats Are Already Trying To Sabotage The War)

Democrats Change House Rules To Pave The Way For Tax Increases

Dem Vow Already Broken: House Sets 4-Day Work Week

Dallas-Based Food Chain To Accept Mexican Pesos

Border Camera Test Nets Few Results

Arnold Schwarzenegger Promised Friday Not To Be Beholden To A Political Party In His Second Term And Declared That “Centrist Does Not Mean Weak.”

Boston: City Hall Pushed To Buy $1.5m System To Track Gunshots


Mark Steyn: Complaints? Where There’s Wool, There’s A Way

Jeff Jacoby: The Debate Shifts To The Left

Reuel Marc Gerecht: The Consequences Of Failure In Iraq

Michael Barone: A Bitter Clash is Coming Over Iraq


A CIA Panel Has Told Former Officer Valerie Plame She Can’t Write About Her Undercover Work For The Agency, A Position That May Threaten A Lucrative Book Project

Canada: A Five-Year-Old Canadian Boy Can Have Two Mothers And A Father, An Ontario Court Ruled This Week In A Landmark Case That Redefines The Meaning Of Family And Examines The Rights Of Parents In Same-Sex Relationships

Cat Stevens Refuses to Denounce Hamas

A Top French Judge Ruled That An Extreme-Right Group Cannot Serve Pork Soup To The Needy, Saying The Charitable Handouts Aim To Discriminate Against Muslims And Jews Who Don’t Eat Pork Because Of Their Faith

Website Of The Day: Relapsed Catholic

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