Video Of The Day #1: The Islamic Guide To Beating Your Wife

If you’re thinking about converting to Islam, you’re definitely going to want to watch this video of a Bahrani cleric explain the “proper way” to beat your wife.

If you’re not thinking of converting to Islam, you’ll still want to watch it so you can see the cleric act as if he’s some sort of women’s rights advocate because he encourages men not to beat their wives too badly.

PS: I know that this isn’t new, but it makes for gripping viewing. Also, you have to wonder how many Muslims think wife beating is just peachy. 5%? 40%? 80%? At a minimum, you gotta figure the whole pro-Sharia crowd is behind it all the way. After all, if you favor a code of laws that makes it almost impossible to prosecute rape, then you’re probably not adverse to slapping your wife around either.

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