Daschle: WAH! We Don’t Want To Talk About The War!

Daschle: WAH! We Don’t Want To Talk About The War!: Tom Daschle is “very chagrined” with Dick Cheney. It seems the VP was “politicizing” the war…

“I must say that I was very chagrined that the vice president would go to a congressional district yesterday and make the assertion that somebody ought to vote for this particular Republican candidate because he was a war supporter and that he was bringing more support to the president than his opponent,” Daschle said Tuesday. “If that doesn’t politicize this war, I don’t know what does”

Of course, the reason Tom Daschle doesn’t want Dick Cheney to talk about that is political. The reason Al Gore gave his big speech about why he doesn’t think we should invade Iraq? It was political. Why did the Democrats spend months calling for a “debate” and demanding that Bush go before Congress to ask approval for the war and then complain when he did? For political reasons.

The war is without question a political issue and when there are differences between political candidates on the topic, it should be approached as such. The ‘war on terrorism’ is on the line here and a slim majority of one party wants to essentially give up on it while the overwhelming majority of the other party wants to fight it to the end. This a huge issue with vast implications for our country and the voters should be aware of the differences between both parties and it should influence their vote. If a United States Senator like Tom Daschle really couldn’t deal with that then he’d be in the wrong business — but the truth is that his complaint is just politics.

**Update**: Now Daschle is mad that Bush had the audacity to tell the truth when he said, “the Democratic-controlled Senate is not interested in the security of the American people.” Bush was not only calling it like he saw it, he was right. Setting aside the first couple of months after 9/11, the Democratic Party has contributed a big sack of nothing to the war on terrorism beyond whining, obstructing the President, and generally complaining about every idea the President has come up with to protect the American people. We have Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter all out saying they don’t want to continue the ‘war on terrorism.’ They all want to give it up before we even go into Iraq and just wait for the terrorist attacks to roll in. If the Democrats are interested in the “security of the American people” they might want to start acting like it instead of sitting on the sidelines and carping.

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